Hybrid and Electric Cars News published on December 23, 2017

  • Turkey wants first domestic car in global markets
    "The era of the internal combustion engine is about to end. Henceforth, electric cars are the future. On this path we are taking, we aim to catch the future. Our car will run on electricity. I believe we have chosen the right time for the electric car. Our president's instruction in terms of timing was a very good …
  • Toyota hybrid cars list
    Browse all of the new hybrids, including the RAV4 Hybrid, Highlander Hybrid, Avalon View the best hybrid and electric cars, covering electric cars and … #1 Toyota Camry Hybrid This is a complete list of fuel-saving hybrid models that includes the pioneer hybrid car models and the future of hybrid cars.
  • Electric car buyers will still get incentives under tax cut bill
    A threat to wipe out all incentives for electric vehicles was dropped by congressional conferees in the $1.5 trillion tax overhaul signed Friday by President Trump, advocates say. "The tax credit for plug-in electric drive vehicles remains intact," said Genevieve Cullen, president of the Electric Drive …
  • Tesla Inc. Crushes Competition in Owner Satisfaction
    For a third year in a row, electric-car maker Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) topped Consumer Reports' owner satisfaction survey, besting brands like Subaru and Honda, and finishing well above Volkswagen-owned Porsche, which took second place. Tesla's high owner satisfaction ratings reflect both the …
  • BMW Ponders Batteries for 2021 EVs, Says Solid State Isn't Ready
    It has taken BMW more than four years since the first deliveries of its i3 electric car to reach just 200,000 cumulative global sales of electrified models. While half those cars were built in the … Battery packs remain the most expensive of the major components in electric cars. BMW has put a tremendous …
  • LINKIN PARK To Help MERCEDES-AMG Build Better-Sounding Electric Cars
    According to Australia's Wheels, LINKIN PARK will assist Mercedes-AMG in coming up with pedestrian-alerting noise the German manufacturer's future electric cars will project. The rise of near-silent electric vehicles offers an opportunity to come up with some unique sounds for the roads of the future.
  • Solid-state batteries are already forcing spark-plug giant NGK to shift focus
    The rapidly approaching electric car future, accelerated by government mandates targeting internal combustion engines, would seem to spell the end for quite a … to creating solid-state batteries, which hold the promise of lighter weight, greater energy storage and faster recharging times for electric cars.
  • Electric Kei Cars, Supercar Sharing, and a Bunch of Other Unlikely Christmas Wishes
    What if electric cars were available in all sorts of amusing and exciting form factors, like the mini-gullwing shape of the Autozam AZ-1? There's no reason that the government couldn't relax some of the onerous safety-related requirements for explicitly short-distance electric cars. They're already doing it …
  • First Euro prices for Jaguar I-Pace electric car released; US $70K to $80K?
    By feedback@highgearmedia.com (Mark Stevenson) While prices for the Jaguar I-Pace electric car that launches next year haven't been announced for the U.S., figures appearing across the pond provide a good starting point for some guesstimation. According to Dutch website Autoblog.nl, the I-Pace …
  • General Motors: The Better Tesla
    That is, GM is making electric cars in a scalable manner and that are actually affordable. Meanwhile, Tesla can't seem to get its own production of an affordable electric vehicle off the ground. GM is making a strong move toward reinvention. Is the market still overlooking that, as the company trades at …
  • Honda looking at solid-state battery technology
    But this is expected to change in the coming years, with Toyota on Monday confirming it will launch electric cars powered by solid-state batteries early next decade. Honda hasn't said if it will also launch an electric car with solid-state batteries, though the company could certainly use the technology.
  • China's First Solar Highway is Nearly Complete, May Soon Be Able to Charge Electric Cars
    China will soon be home to one of the first ever solar highways. Located on the Jinan Expressway, the solar road has been constructed using transparent concrete, solar panels, and an additional third layer underneath to keep the panels dry.
  • Department of Energy Aims to Lower Cost and Improve Range of Electric Cars
    Department of Energy Aims to Lower Cost and Improve Range of Electric Cars. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Vehicle Technologies Office (VTO), and national laboratories are supporting R&D to lower the cost and improve the performance of electric drive vehicles, with a goal of eventually …
  • Motoring at the speed of electric
    Government plug-in grants offer up to £4,500 off the price of an electric car. Other benefits include exemption from the London Congestion Charge and free parking in many areas. Electric cars require less maintenance compared to petrol or diesel cars, and the Tesla's regenerative braking system even …
  • Electric car engine sound effect
    Sounds were captured with a Sanken CSS-5 Stereo Shotgun mic. The new rule requires all newly manufactured electric 4 May 2010 Silent electric cars to get 'Star Wars' sound effects to warn pedestrians they are coming. Highway Speed Pass-By 10. BROWSE NOW >>> Search results for Machines and …
  • 10 of the world's fastest hybrid cars
    Hybrid cars were once seen as the symbol of the anti-car enthusiast — boring, dreary boxes that just wanted to take away all the fun from motoring. Fortunately, that's not the case, and manufacturers have proven there's a place in the world for fast, electrified vehicles. Some of the greatest cars in the last …
  • Ex-Faraday Future Executives Now Hiring for New EV Startup
    Former Faraday Future CFO and COO Stefan Krause and Ulrich Kranz have reportedly ventured into creating a new electric car startup called Evelozcity. According to Electrek, which cited a source providing the information, Krause has started a new electric car company using sources secured from …
  • 3 BMW White Automatic 0 cylinders Electric Cars For Sale in Illawarra New South Wales
    Search for new & used BMW White Automatic 0 cylinders Electric cars for sale in Illawarra New South Wales. Read BMW car reviews and compare BMW prices and features at carsales.com.au.
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