Hybrid and Electric Cars News published on March 1, 2018

  • 1356 registered electric cars and motorbikes on Maltese roads in 2017
    There were a total of 1356 registered electric cars and motorbikes on Maltese roads in 2017, figures tabled in parliament today show. Tabled by Transport Minister Ian Borg, the figures, divided yearly between 2013 and 2017, present a steady increase in numbers throughout the five years. In 2017, there …
  • Chevrolet Bolt EV electric car: what's inside the battery? Teardown video shows all
    The battery packs of most modern electric cars are far different than those in your mobile phone or other portable devices. In most cases, they include hundreds or thousands of cells, arranged into modules, and usually surrounded by channels containing liquid coolant to keep the battery in its desired …
  • Chinese Electric-Car Startup Nio Reportedly Plots US Stock IPO
    Nio, the Chinese electric-car startup formerly known as NextEV, doesn't plan to sell cars in the United States until 2020. But the company is already planning an initial public offering for later this year, according to Reuters. Reportedly worth up to $2 billion, the IPO would be the biggest Chinese stock …
  • cars
    /r/Cars is one of the largest online automotive enthusiast communities. We are Reddit's central hub for vehicle-related discussion, industry news, reviews, projects, videos, DIY guides, art, advice, stories, and more. Who we are: We try to be a helpful discussion-driven community while maintaining …
  • Bullish predictions on electric cars still too conservative
    Electric cars currently account for less than 1% of global vehicle sales but manufacturers including Ford and Volkswagen have pledged billions in recent … and traditional cars will draw level in 2025 and end the need for government subsidies that currently support the majority of electric car sales.
  • Toyota promises cheaper electric car motor magnets within a decade
    Japanese carmaker Toyota says it can cut the cost of rare earth element-containing magnets within the motors of electric vehicles by replacing up to half the neodymium in them with the more abundant, lower-cost rare earths lanthanum and cerium. Toyota expects these magnets to be used in motors for …
  • Electric car station icon
    2 Illustartions included in the package 1.Vector illustration pin point place charging station for electric car. Icons electric vehicle charging station. Isolated electric car with cable, finger up, start charging, power place. Electric car. – stock vector 2.Vector icon cable and plug for charging electric cars.
  • Ex-Cisco CTO's Chinese electric car startup eyes $2 billion US IPO
    The Chinese government began promoting electric cars in 2009 and aims to become a dominant global producer of them. Auto sales overall slowed in China last year but sales of new energy vehicles are projected to grow by 40 percent this year, buoyed in part by an expected extension of a tax rebate …
  • Voitures Extravert is converting vintage 911s into all-electric cars
    Voitures Extravert electric Porsche 911 Restoring and upgrading old Porsche 911s has become a cottage industry, but no one does it like Voitures Extravert. The Dutch company was founded to keep these classic sports cars on the road even if internal combustion is one day banned from European city …
  • How Green Is Your Electric Car?
    Take into account power-plant emissions, and your electric car could easily be responsible for more than 100 grams of carbon-dioxide emissions for every mile driven. Not surprisingly, an electric car in China accounts for more than double the emissions than one in the U.K. That's still better than the …
  • Electric Cars Are About To Get Loud
    Usually we want cars to be quieter but in the case of electric and hybrid cars, they're too quiet and that's a problem for bicyclists and pedestrians who cannot … Automakers will be required to have 50% of their electric car fleets equipped with the technology by September 2019 and all of them by 2020.
  • Chinese EV startup NIO hires banks for $2 billion US stock IPO
    China began promoting electric cars in 2009 and aims to become a dominant global producer as it bids to curb vehicle emissions, boost energy security … in December, at about half the price of U.S. peer Tesla's Model X. It has also vowed to bring an autonomous electric car to the U.S. market by 2020.
  • Hong Kong brings back some electric cars incentives that made Tesla so popular in the city
    As we previously reported, Tesla once dominated to booming electric vehicle market in Hong Kong with over 80% market share and thousands of vehicles delivered. That stopped last year after the government phased out the EV incentives and almost killed the market by doing so. After almost a year of …
  • Mahindra's 4 new electric cars & SUVs for India before 2020 REVEALED
    Mahindra's 4 new electric cars & SUVs for India before 2020 REVEALED. Posted on … Mahindra Electric, the Indian automaker's EV subsidiary, will launch four new electric cars in India before 2020. Of these, two will be … compact sedan. It'll be the first electric car from the new Mahindra-Ford alliance.
  • Romania to get 23 fast electric car chargers in 2018
    (Illustration) The Romanian company Renovatio and Hrvatski Telekom announced that they would install 23 stations featuring fast electric car chargers in Romania by the end of 2018.This is the beginning of the project within which 69 such charging stations and another four ultra-fast electric car.
  • Greek Students' Electric Car Hits the Road (video)
    The “Pyrforos II” electric car designed and made by students of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) is ready to hit the roads. This is the second research project of the “Prometheus Team NTUA”, a group of inventive young engineers who took it upon themselves to create a unique and …
  • voitures extravert converts vintage porsche 911s into all-electric cars
    voitures extravert converts vintage porsche 911s into all-electric cars. Feb 28, 2018. aspark owl electric supercar can outsprint the tesla roadster. Feb 22, 2018. volt car-charging drone re-juices your vehicle wherever you are. Feb 21, 2018. ampere motor's convertible fuses an electric car with the spirit of …
  • Details emerge about Porsche's new electric car, charging network
    The electric vehicle market is finally about to get interesting. It's been some time since Tesla proved that EVs didn't have to involve hair shirts, and at long last some other automakers are ready to enter the fray. Later this week at the Geneva Motor Show, Jaguar is going to reveal the I-Pace, which goes on …
  • Zimbabwe aims to 'power the world's electric cars'
    Zimbabwe's mining minister has said the country has the capacity to boost its lithium supply, CNBC Africa reports. BBC. Winston Chitando told a mining investment conference in the capital, Harare, the country could supply “20% of the global demand when all known lithium resources are exploited”.

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