Hybrid and Electric Cars News published on March 18, 2018

  • Massive Pay Rise For Volkswagen Boss Müller
    That being said, Volkswagen's profits doubled, despite investing in a new electric car range, and despite continuing to pay fines and other fees relating to the Dieselgate scandal. The Volkswagen Group nearly doubled its operating profit last year, even as it continued to grapple with fallout from the …
  • Car share, public transport and walking: better ways to get from A to B
    Or – if cash is less of an issue – purchase a hybrid car, which uses a combination of battery technology and a smaller petrol engine. Electric cars, too, are slowly entering the Australian market, but owners must be cautious to charge their vehicles from sustainable sources, rather than coal-fired power …
  • re Electric cars (Laughing)
    It's long been shown that when all things in the marketplace are equal, electric cars DON'T SELL AS WELL as combustible engine cars. Hence, you get these massive … Think Locally pollute Globally. The rare earth minerals that make up most components of an electric car are mined in foreign countries.
  • It's Official: The VW Bus is Back and it's Electric
    The German automaker recently announced that they would be releasing an electronic version of the iconic hippie microbus by 2022. The bus, which is being called The Buzz, is one of 30 electronic models that the company hopes to release to the public. In addition to the remodeled bus, Volkswagen …
  • Childs electric car
    This is a little battery powered electric car for kids. Grandkids, nieces and nephews rode this thing all over the property for years. It's been setting outside uncovered for a couple of years and is.
  • Tesla Roadster entered into production 10 years ago today
    Ten years ago, Tesla, then a small electric car startup, was struggling to meet the demand for its first and only offering — a high-performance electric car dubbed the Roadster. The car … Despite this, however, the original Roadster was pivotal in shifting the public's perception of electric cars. No longer …
  • R&D can't fly against the winds of austerity and Brexit
    The company to watch is Jaguar Land Rover (JLR). It is a largely diesel car company in a world where diesel is dying. It is Britain's largest carmaker, with an annual output of more than 640,000 vehicles. Where will its Indian owners – Tata Group – build a new generation of electric cars? The decision is …
  • In February, BYD Led The Plug-In Electric Car Market In China
    Model rank consists mostly of all-electric cars in the top 20, as only BYD and SAIC managed to put PHEVs into the top 10. February results seem like BYD revenge over BAIC. The BYD Song PHEV with 4,418 sales became the most popular plug-in car in China last month, over the weaker BAIC …
  • Used Suzuki Electric Cars for Sale in ng27gq
    Find the latest used Suzuki Electric cars for sale in ng27gq on Gumtree. See the various Suzuki available based on their fuel type.
  • Nerdwallet Provides 5 Reasons to Lease an EV Over Buying One
    Let's face it, mass-produced electric cars are still in their infancy and problems are bound to happen. The most worrying aspect of EVs are the lithium-ion batteries that help recharge and disperse electricity. But when you lease an electric car, you don't have to worry about battery degradation.
  • 'Shortage of battery ingredients comes in the way of EV switchover'
    Electric car batteries rely on a host of rare materials – from lithium and nickel to cobalt. Battery makers around the world are struggling to secure supplies of these key ingredients as demand outstrips supply. This, undoubtedly, places pressure on car-makers. So, the hunt for alternative technologies is on …
  • LSEV is a $7500 3-D printed electric car from XEV
    XEV and Polymaker teamed up to create the first 3-D printed car that can be mass produced.
  • Sutton LibDems 'didn't know' about £4.5m electric car fund
    The incinerating LibDems in Sutton have managed to miss out on a share of a multi-million-pound fund to encourage environmentally friendly electric car use because… they didn't know about it. Christopher Woolmer, a Labour candidate at the upcoming local elections, asked a question at the most …
  • Volkswagen's Electric-Car Program Is About to Blow Right Past Tesla
    VW's electric-vehicle effort is global, comprehensive, and absolutely massive.
  • This 3-D printed electric car costs $7500 and took three days to make
    Mass production of 3-D printed cars is coming soon. The first will be from start-up XEV and Polymaker, a developer of 3-D printing materials. The $7,500 car, called LSEV, only took three days to make according to the creator. All of the components in LSEV were printed except for the chassis, seats and …
  • This Guy Built A Fully Functional Kitchen In The Back Of His Tiny Electric Car
    When people say they've been living out of their car they usually just mean they've been spending way too much time on the road, because without the basics like a stove, a fridge and running water one can't truly live in their car.But the guy behind the YouTube channel Kiwi EV Adventures really wanted …
  • Sunday 7: Cars Tesla should be worried about
    The American electric car maker has undoubtedly made zero-emissions vehicles cool by combining stonking performance, futuristic looks and a proper luxury feel along with a …. These contracts show the sheer scale that VW is preparing to produce electric cars in, a number few would be able to match.
  • Volkswagen's Electric-Car Program Is About to Blow Right Past Tesla
    German auto giant Volkswagen AG (NASDAQOTH:VLKAY) said this past week that in just four years, it will have 16 factories building battery-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles around the world. It's a big step toward the company's standing goal to build 3 million electric vehicles a year by 2025.
  • VW electric Pikes Peak race car has shades of ID
    Late last year, Volkswagen announced that it would bring an electric car to the 2018 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Now … Using the same style on its Pikes Peak car will only draw more attention to the slew of electric cars we can expect to see on roads in the coming years, including Roadshow's …

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