Hybrid and Electric Cars News published on March 3, 2018

  • Electric Car Charging Stations
    Your new apartment offers great conveniences including: -electric car charging -first floor private entry -complimentary car port -in home laundry -center island -recycling -USB outlets -flat top…
  • Hybrid car for rent $280 p/w
    Hi there great car for rent 280 pw great for uber and ur customers will be happy to sit and they will be giving good rating Plz feel free to contact on 4255, 1176890466.
  • Mazda's Rotary Engine Will Finally Return In 2019 As A Range Extender In An EV: Report
    At this point in the game, it seems highly unlikely that the famed Mazda rotary will return as a standalone engine. Sorry about that. But as a range-extender in a new electric car? Maybe! The Wankel engine will apparently appear in Mazda's new fully electric car as a range extender in 2019, Martijn ten …
  • All you need to know about Jaguar's new electric car
    Jaguar has taken a big step forward for sustainability by revealing their first fully electric vehicle during a live global broadcast in Graz, Austria. The British carmaker had previously announced plans to enter the electric car market and had presented a concept car version of the I-PACE back in 2016.
  • KNDI Kandi Crush: An Electric-Car Vending Machine From
    Nothing I say, post, or do should ever be considered financial advice. I may be holding a long, short or no position. I am NOT or NEVER have I been compensated to post on here or anywhere and all my posts are for entertainment purposes only.
  • The little industry that could take a bite out of oil demand
    Morgan Stanley analysts Wednesday issued a forecast for global miles driven rising to 32 trillion by 2030, up from 11 trillion currently, with emerging markets a big driver of the growth. They say that forecast is not only bullish for electric cars and light trucks, but also for gains by gasoline-fueled vehicles.
  • GM's Maven Gig Car Rental Service Launches in Austin
    General Motors is bringing its Maven Gig rental service to Austin, Texas, allowing freelance drivers to borrow a Chevrolet Bolt EV for services like Uber and Lyft. Maven will deploy 20 of the electric cars in the Texas capital city. In Austin, rates for Maven Gig's Bolt EVs start at $229 a week, plus taxes.
  • Tesla-hating man wielding a hatchet jailed in bizarre incident
    A self-confessed Tesla hater wielding a hatchet was recently arrested in downtown Santa Barbara, CA after striking an electric car on Wednesday. … As we previously reported, vandals destroyed a Model S and X by setting the electric cars on fire last January, in an act that witnesses described as …
  • Tesla, ironically, faces $139000 environmental pollution fine at Fremont electric car factory
    Palo Alto-based luxury electric carmaker Tesla has agreed to pay $139,500 in fines for using malfunctioning burners at its assembly plant in Fremont that spewed dangerous levels of nitrogen oxides into the air. Tesla blamed old equipment it inherited from the plant's former tenants, General Motors and …
  • Jaguar to launch its first electric car I-Pace SUV
    The SUV can sprint up to 60mph in 4.5 seconds and has been geared with a 90-kilowatt battery.
  • Jaguar unveils I-PACE luxury electric car
    COVENTRY – British luxury vehicle brand, Jaguar Land Rover unveiled on Thursday its first all-electric vehicle, I-PACE crossover sports utility vehicle. The I-PACE has a 298-mile range powered by the 90kWh battery located in the bottom of the car. There are two powerful motors at the front and back of …
  • Two's the charm: Mercedes-Benz will launch its electric car offensive in Geneva
    After a false start, Mercedes-Benz will finally kick off its electric car offensive at this year's edition of the Geneva Auto Show. The first-ever EQ C will be one of the stars of the company's stand at the annual event. It's a purpose-designed battery-electric SUV that will certainly give Tesla plenty to worry about …
  • New Battery Breakthrough Could Revolutionize the Electric Car Sector
    A new material that has its roots in the humble contact lens could suddenly refocus the power storage issue for electric cars of the future. Dr. Donald Highgate engineered the technology behind the soft contact lens in the 1970s, and now – by sheer fluke – he is using the same type of innovation that …
  • JPMorgan's Asia investment head Gu joins electric car firm Xpeng
    Brian Gu, JPMorgan's veteran investment banker and chairman of its Asia-Pacific operation, is joining Chinese electric car start-up Xiaopeng, to lead its global expansion drive. As vice-chairman and president of Guangzhou-based Xiaopeng, also called Xpeng, Gu will directly report to He Xiaopeng, …
  • Would-Be Car Theft Foiled By Not Knowing How to Drive an Electric Car
    Would-Be Car Theft Foiled By Not Knowing How to Drive an Electric Car. We get not being able to drive a stick, but is it really that hard to drive an EV? Apparently so. By Rob StumpfMarch 2, 2018. News · Bolt · Car Theft · Chevy · Electric Cars · EVs · Shop. General Motors. SHARE. They say that …
  • Tesla Electric Car Attacked By Hatchet-Wielding, Tesla-Hating Mad Man
    A man who apparently harbors a strong dislike for Tesla automobiles was arrested Wednesday afternoon in downtown Santa Barbara after he allegedly confronted the driver of one of the pricey electric cars, according to the Santa Barbara Police Department. Officers were dispatched at about 12:30 p.m. …
  • What are the best under dash electric car heaters?
    Get now the Best under dash electric car heaters, including Stratos SCP5101, Maradyne H-6670006, Maradyne H-503012 and 3 other top solutions suggested and ranked by the Softonic Solutions user community in 2018.
  • Jaguar launches its first electric car – the eagerly anticipated I-Pace
    Jaguar's I-Pace concept was arguably one of the best-received prototypes of recent years – with its slick design praised and the promise of Tesla-rivalling performance bandied about. Now, the British manufacturer has finally revealed the long-awaited production version, and we're happy to report it …
  • 2018 Hybrid and Electric Car Guide
    Electric mobility: it's a concept that consumers are warming to at an increasing rate. And the growing popularity of hybrid and electric vehicles is mirrored in a general trend in the industry. Electrified models are grabbing the headlines at auto shows, new models and versions are being announced at a …

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