Hybrid and Electric Cars News published on November 30, 2017

  • Making the World a Better Place One Hybrid Car at a Time
    For this challenge we are trying to get more people to get electric or hybrid cars. We think that this is important because they are good for the community and are more environmentally friendly than other cars. We are hoping that more and more people will get these cars as we advertise them more.
  • Fusion Energi, e-Golf, and Camry Hybrid
    Learn about some of the highest rated hybrid cars near Tacoma including the Fusion Energi, e-Golf, and Camry Hybrid.
  • Electric cars and us
    Far less polluting and carbon-emitting, the electric car, however, poses a challenge to Indian driving practices. The motor is much quieter than the engine and the transmission system has fewer parts too. “All one hears is wind, tyre and road noise, which is minimal in city driving,” says Mahesh Babu, …
  • Business news from Ukraine
    Nov 29 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Sales of electric cars in Ukraine (new and used ones) … Residents of Kyiv city bought the largest number of electric cars (528), … According to the report, the most popular electric car is Nissan Leaf (1,855 …
  • Latin American countries eliminate import taxes on electric cars
    If you want to buy a car in Latin America that was made elsewhere, in the United States, for example, you have to pay a lot more than the market price.
  • Electric car importing tax
    Electric car importing tax – I'm importing an electric car from China. How much tax will it take?
  • Tesla Model 3 Goes 310 Miles per Charge, According to EPA
    It's hard to say what we really know about the Tesla Model 3. Outside of Motor Trend, no serious outlet of automotive journalism has reviewed one, and with just 260 examples built in the last quarter, even reservation holders have no idea what their car is like. At least we know how far it'll go on a charge: …
  • Mini might make its entire lineup electric, but switching to EVs won't be easy
    According to Schwarzenbauer, building relatively small electric cars is difficult not only from the standpoint of costs but also due to the engineering … Mini took the wraps off its next electric car concept ahead of the Frankfurt motor show, previewing a model expected to go into production relatively soon.
  • New Triangle charging stations add juice to electric car boom
    For electric car drivers, filling up isn't as easy as stopping at a gas station, but a growing network of electric car charging stations in North Carolina is.
  • MINI Hints At An All-Electric Future In The US
    MINI recently unveiled a concept version of its coming electric car, and the brand could well go all-EV in the coming years, with models aimed at hip … While it does make a degree of sense that young urbanites would embrace small and expressively styled electric cars for their sheer hipness or as a …
  • Why driving an electric car in LA could be cheaper than gas
    Southern Californians can save as much as $884 a year in fuel costs by switching to an electric car, according to a new report. But they'd have to charge at off-peak times.
  • New Triangle charging stations add juice to electric car boom
    Raleigh, N.C. — For electric car drivers, filling up isn't as easy as stopping at a gas station, but a growing network of electric car charging stations in North Carolina is expanding the driving range for those battery powered cars. Car company Tesla recently installed a bank of their Superchargers behind …
  • Rolls-Royce SUV spied, Lincoln Nautilus revealed, Audi electric cars confirmed: Car News Headlines
    Rolls-Royce is getting close to unveiling its first ever SUV. The latest prototypes have shed a lot of camouflage gear, revealing the true shape of the ultra-luxurious off-roader. Lincoln's finally ditching its confusing alphanumeric naming strategy. While we've seen Lincoln use classic names like …
  • 2018 Nissan Leaf preview
    Although we still await the last details of pricing, features, and options, we know largely what to expect from Nissan's new electric car when it goes on sale in early 2018. Importantly, it enters the market offering a different value proposition than electric cars like the Chevrolet Bolt EV or Volkswagen e-Golf.
  • BMW looking for partners to develop small electric cars
    Los Angeles: Germany's BMW AG is talking with other automakers “around the world” to try to find partners to lower the cost of producing future Mini electric cars, management board member Peter Schwarzenbauer told Reuters. “We are talking to many OEMs (manufacturers) around the world, not only in …
  • Electric Cars Are Cheaper to Run Than Gas Vehicles, Study Says
    1 — meaning that the savings for electric car owners are probably even greater. The union's report, titled "Going From Pump to Plug," found that plugging into DWP electricity will save drivers an average of $571 a year compared to gassing up at the pump for a traditional fuel vehicle. EV motorists living in …
  • CO2 production by electric cars
    Allt his often conveniently overlooked by the anti electric car people. And then if you offset it against the UK's increase in green energy production it becomes even more complex. So, for instance, if you're like the guy down the road who charges his electric car from solar panels and the windmill in his …
  • Electric cars on the rise
    They own three electric cars. subasic, an account executive for apple, said they … city of alberta's oilpatch, it's getting easier to own an electric car.
  • Vintage electric car might not be good as a 'toad'
    The oil crisis of 1973 changed gas priced forever and made an electric car that costs about a penny a mile to operate look attractive. In its two short years on sale, 1974 to 1976, the radical CityCar sold better than any electric car in history, about 2,600 units. It was manufactured by Sebring-Vanguard, Inc.

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